Initially funded through a National Institutes of Health grant, we are collaborating closely with leading academic researchers and clinicians to ensure TheraVista Health’s games accurately recreate standard physical therapy exercises, and we’re partnering with patients to make the games fun and engaging.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Use of stakeholder feedback to develop an app for vestibular rehabilitation–input from clinicians and healthy older adults.

Frontiers in Neurology, 13, 2022.

D’Silva, Skop, Pickle, Marschner, Zehnbauer, Rossi, Roos.

  • App was developed using feedback from clinicians and follows clinical guidelines
  • Older adults enjoyed using the app and found it easy to use
  • Older adults indicated that feedback provided during exercises helped them recognize their mistakes and motivated them to do better

Development of Vestibular Rehabilitation Application for Service Members with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

The Military Health Systems Research Symposium, Kissimmee Florida, 2021

Zehnbauer, Rossi, Marschner, Mituniewicz, Pickle, D’Silva, Skop, and Roos.

  • An outcome measure for postural sway that was based on jerk was dependent on sensor placement but effectively distinguished between some balance tasks and may be effective for tracking patient progress.

Evaluation of Postural Sway for Remote Monitoring of Vestibular Rehabilitation.

28th Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics, Stockholm, Sweden, 2021.

Zehnbauer, Pickle, and Roos.

Translating Clinical Experiences into Virtual Technology.

2021 National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR) conference, virtual, 2021.

Karen Skop, Linda D’Silva, Paulien E. Roos.

  • Machine learning algorithms can be used to identify some but not all errors made during VOR exercises.
  • Removing those errors that are hard to detect improved accuracy of those that could be detected.
  • Preference of feedback types varied widely between subjects.

Development of an Application for Vestibular Rehabilitation of Older Adults Informed by Clinical Care.

XXXI Barany Society Meeting, Madrid, Spain, 2022.

Linda D’Silva, Karen Skop, Michael Rossi, Jeremy Martin, Katherine Marschner, Nathan T. Pickle, Timothy Zehnbauer, Paulien E. Roos.

The use of machine learning to implement feedback in a mobile vestibular rehabilitation application for service members with mild traumatic brain injury.

The Military Health Systems Research Symposium, Kissimmee Florida, 2022.

Zehnbauer, Register, Cornelius, Marschner, Pickle, D’Silva, Skop, and Roos.

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