Leading the future of healthcare innovation, TheraVista Health is breaking new ground in the digital health space. In collaboration with NIH-funded researchers, top scientists and CFD Research Corporation, TheraVista Health is the developer of VestRx™, a comprehensive solution for vestibular therapy and remote therapeutic monitoring. TheraVista Health’s team of engineers, research scientists and health care clinicians are committed to the ongoing innovation of technology to improve patient care.


Meet our Leadership & Scientific Team

Rodney M. Hamilton, M.D., CEO

With an extensive background at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and clinical medicine, Dr. Hamilton is the CEO and co-founder of TheraVista Health. Over the years, he has been the CEO of multiple healthcare software companies and has held a wide range of leadership positions in small to large provider organizations.

Paulien Roos, Ph.D.

Dr. Paulien Roos is Manager and Senior Research Scientist with CFD Research’s Biomedical, Energy, and Materials (BEM) Division, leading the biomechanics research group. She holds a PhD in biomechanics and has led multiple successful programs looking at rehabilitation, injury prevention and human performance. Dr. Roos brings extensive expertise in clinical biomechanics to the TheraVista Health team. Dr. Roos is the Principal Investigator on the NIH-sponsored SBIR awards that developed VestRx™, and a co-founder of TheraVista Health.

Nathan Pickle, Ph.D.

Dr. Pickle is a Group Leader and Senior Research Scientist with CFD Research’s Biomedical, Energy, and Materials (BEM) Division. He is also a co-founder of TheraVista Health. With a specialized background in computational musculoskeletal biomechanics, Dr. Pickle oversees the technical development of VestRx™ software and algorithms. He brings high-level expertise including a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and field experience as Co-Investigator of NIH-sponsored SBIR awards, which steers VestRx™ product development and commercialization efforts.

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