Innovate and grow with RTM.

Capture patient data for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring reimbursement.
  • Optimize treatment time and increase your profit margins.
  • Enjoy frictionless incorporation with your current workflows.
  • Enhance patient engagement with data-informed insights.
  • Grow, scale and differentiate your vestibular practice.
  • Boost patient outcomes with comprehensive monitoring.
  • Leverage technology to overcome historical patient care challenges.
  • Harness motion-capture innovations to uplevel home programs.
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If you're not using Remote Therapeutic Monitoring billing codes in your vestibular practice, you’re leaving reimbursement money on the table.

Vestibular dysfunction affects 1 in 3 older adults.

Vestibular rehabilitation is a key intervention helping millions of people live healthier lives. VestRx proudly sits at the industry forefront of research-based Remote Therapeutic Monitoring, connecting therapy clinics to innovative opportunities.

Get real-time insights into patient performance while boosting adherence and outcomes for vestibular therapy. Optimize your practice revenue through Remote Therapeutic Monitoring. Customize and scale to meet the needs of your patients and practice. Partner with an industry-leading platform to achieve best-practice outcomes.

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Implement VestRx in your physical therapy practice.

TheraVista Health works closely with your clinic to quickly launch a Remote Therapeutic Monitoring program for vestibular patients that provides:
Increased Revenue

Build your bottom line with integrated data capture that is fully compatible with Remote Therapeutic Monitoring. Decrease the impact of no-shows on daily productivity and optimize billing for every patient. Position your practice for success with comprehensive monitoring compatible with RTM reimbursement.

Improved Patient Experience

Achieve better outcomes for patients with improved therapist visibility into patient home exercise performance. Access NIH-funded, award-winning technology developed by leading clinicians and researchers. Experience tracking and support mechanisms that drive better rehabilitation results.

Vestibular Treatment Advantages

Access best-in-class tailored VOR and balance exercises that patients enjoy, setting a gold standard for effective vestibular therapy. Provide real-time insights that empower therapists to offer timely support and effective intervention, so patients achieve their goals.

Implementation Ease

Enjoy frictionless integration with your current workflows for a smooth onboarding experience. Seamlessly upgrade your home programs to increase efficiency, while initiating a new cash flow based on RTM reimbursements. Get up and running quickly with convenient remote training that takes only 30 minutes per clinic.

Starting is simple.

With just three easy steps, you can launch VestRx in your practice.
  • Book a Demo

    Schedule a 30-minute call with our Client Success Team to explore the VestRx platform.

  • Get Your Kits

    Implement our turnkey solution—cellular-enabled tablets, tablet stands and instructions—for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring of your vestibular patients.

  • Grow Your Practice

    Watch revenue increase with a best-practice application that improves clinical outcomes and enhances profit margins.

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With VestRx, PTs get access to:

  • Patient data for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring reimbursement
  • A clinician portal to create, monitor, and easily adjust patient-specific vestibular home exercise programs.
  • Progressively challenging exercises turned into fun and engaging games.
  • Easy-to-use, innovative technology that monitors patient progress and easily adjusts to optimize course of treatment.
  • Remote Therapeutic Monitoring capability that optimizes revenue by leveraging new CPT codes.
  • A high-quality home program with built-in reminders that streamlines productivity  and builds affinity in between visits.
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VestRx Leads the Way

TheraVista Health is the industry leader helping healthcare providers capture untapped revenue through Remote Therapeutic Monitoring reimbursement.
  • Experience real-time insights that inform treatment plans.
  • Tap into proven success in Remote Therapeutic Monitoring reimbursement.
  • Achieve superior outcomes for vestibular and balance patients.
  • Reduce no-shows with high-engagement technology.
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Join thousands of clinics using Remote Therapeutic Monitoring to optimize revenue and improve patient outcomes.